Best Mouse Trap Bait to Get Rid of Mice

what makes the best mousetrap bait? Are mice and other rodents smart enough to avoid traps? Mice are known to be very resilient. A lot of damage and diseases are caused by their feeding habits. This makes rodents some of the most despised pests. There are lots of control measures that can be used. One […]

List of Pest Control and Fumigation Companies in Nigeria

Best Fumigation and Pest Control Services in Nigeria Do you need quotation for fumigation in Nigeria? Do you need addresses of fumigation services in Ikeja, Lekki Lagos as well as in other parts of the country? Read on. If you are a Nigerian, you may have asked yourself if there are reliable pest control companies in Nigeria. […]

Types of Fumigants, Side Effects and Safety Considerations

Types of Fumigation Chemicals for Soil, Snakes, Bed Bug, Termites, Mosquito, Cockroach  What common chemicals are used in fumigation? Fumigation is an efficient pest control method that is used the world over. These consist of a variety of chemicals and active ingredients. This article seeks to discuss fumigation chemicals as well as how these are […]

Termite Inspection – Checklist, Procedure, Report and Cost

Termite Inspection Checklist – Inspecting for Termites as an Exterminator Is termite inspection necessary? Does it have any benefits? How can I carry out a termite inspection? What does a termite inspection report look like? What is the average termite inspection for home purchase cost? These questions and many others are often asked by property […]

Mouse Traps that Work – Types and Safety Considerations

Best Mouse Traps Ever to Get Rid of Mice What is the best mouse trap? Do you know where to place mouse traps? In this guide, find out all you need to know about using traps to get rid of mice. Mouse and rats have long been known to be very destructive. These pest scan […]

Mosquito Repellent – Chemical and Homemade Sprays [Indoor and Outdoor]

Which is the most effective mosquito repellent spray? Do any mosquito repellents work? Are mosquito repellent for babies safe? Read more to answer these questions. Mosquitoes are pests no one wants to have around. Apart from the extreme discomfort caused by their itchy bites, they also spread diseases. Two of the most common diseases spread […]

How to Kill Termites – in Wood, House, Furniture, Yard, Tree [Termite Control]

Best Way to Kill Termites – Chemical and Natural Homemade Methods that Work What chemical kills termites? Do you know how to get rid of termites in furniture and walls? Do you need homemade termite killer that work fast? Does Boric acid or bleach kill termites? Find out more in this termite removal guide. Termites are some […]

Best Bed Bug Spray – Types, Ingredients and Cost

Most Effective Bed Bug Spray – Natural, Homemade and Chemical Recipe and Cost What is the most effective bed bug spray? What are some essential oil bed bug spray recipe? Do bed bug spray really work? Find out more. Bed bugs are notorious for causing tremendous discomfort especially at night when they are most active. […] © 2018 | Privacy Policy | Affiliate Disclosure